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Do away with TypeScript Coding, say hello to Page Flows

Low-coding has many significant advantages over hand-coding.

With hand-coding, you’ll need to know almost everything about the language you are using to code the application. You need to know the in and out of the language, remember syntaxes, know how to steer clear of mistakes and errors, and get things to turn out the way you have envisioned. You also need to invest more time and, therefore, more money. 

While there will always be a warm spot in our hearts for classic programming, the days of night outs for developers glowing over screens all night long are slowly fading.

Every Low-code platform today promises to provide ready to use building blocks to allow developers to create applications by dragging and dropping elements. 

With Studio 8.0, Neutrinos has done just that, by introducing the Page Designer. Where, you not only design the UI of the page by dragging and dropping components, but also to design the business logic of the page by dragging and dropping nodes, and creating page flow.

The Page Designer comprises 2 designers – the Page User Interface Designer and Page Flow Designer

You use the Page UI Designer to design the user interface of your page. This designer provides a range of components that can be dragged and dropped to the canvas to design the page UI. 

You use the Page Flow Designer to design the business logic of the page by creating page flows. Before the release of 8.0, the logic for the page was hand coded in the TypeScript editor of the page. 

Now, the TypeScript editor is replaced with the page flow designer. Where the syntax is abstracted, allowing the user to only worry about the business logic. 

What advantages does Page Designer offer?

1. Faster Development Times

 With Page Designer, developers can create applications incredibly fast because the page elements (components and nodes) are pre-built and don’t require a lot of tedious work. 

2. Reduced Errors

When using Page Designer, the advantage of dragging and dropping page elements is that it has all the code read-to-go. No debugging required; it’s already been tested and assured. Small manual errors can creep into anyone’s code, but when you use a prebuilt code, you know that you don’t need to examine how well that piece functions. 

3. Reduced Technical Skills

 Another great benefit of using Page Designer is that you need a minimal skill set to build an app. It is easy to hire developers and get them started.

  1. Reduced Efforts on Testing

The efforts on the testing team are also hugely reduced as the pages are designed using a pre-populated list of reusable nodes and components.

With the Page Designer, you can find a number of ready-to-use elements and practically everything you need to get your application off the ground. You can also easily tweak things and make extensive customizations without writing lines of code.

With this said, you still have the option of writing out part of the code yourself. But the bulk of the work is done for you. 

Speed up your App development cycles and put out more work with Neutrinos Studio 8.0. 

 If you haven’t tried Neutrinos yet, give it a shot today!

Interested in learning about all the features in Studio 8.0? Watch this video!


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