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Fintech Solutions

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Customer-focused Digital Banking solutions to forge stronger relationships

Digital Experiences

Create intelligent, data driven, customer-centric experiences.

Modernized Core Systems

Integrate technologies like AI, ML and RPA in banking & financial services for faster, more transparent and automated processes.

Productivity & Operational Efficiency

Automate and transform business processes for faster TAT, maximized efficiencies, minimal expenditures and efforts.

Hyper Personalization

Create intelligent omnichannel experiences tailored for the segment of one.

Customer 360°

A single window view of the customer with data unified from both structured and unstructured sources, to enable superior customer engagements.

Multi-channel Account Origination

Empower customers and agents with quick, easy and seamless digital account opening in just a few steps.


Billing simplified with cross channel information integration, multiple currency transaction capabilities, product parameters, class, and catalogue based sanity checks.

Payment Solution

Provide reliable, secure and user-friendly e payment solutions, with all regulatory rules and documentary evidence requirements enforced.

Self Service Banking Kiosk

Enable customers to transact, complete authentications and verifications, or perform remedial actions on kiosks, before raising support requests for faster resolutions.

Smart Banking Software for the new age customer

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Intelligent CRM

One-stop, unified customer dashboard with real time data capture and tracking.

Onboarding solution

Quick and seamless digital onboarding for heightened CX.

Wealth management application

Empower financial advisors with a digital platform to engage and collaborate with customers at any time, to enhance the performance of their financial assets.

Pandemic Solution

Enable anytime anywhere engagement and sales with the intelligent remote sales distribution.

Modernization Services

Accelerate digital transformation journeys in Fintech with legacy system modernization services, to leverage new-age technology and introduce agility to systems.

Angular component

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RPA, Robotic Process Automation, Insurance Solutions

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