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Full Stack Insurance

slide1 digital insurance Discover Full stack multi-access insurance solutions that harness the power of innovations. Digital Insurance Talk to Us conventional a Solution suite that challenges Explore slide2 journey Design Leverage AI, ML, RPA and wearable technology for better omni-channel CX Insurance_Journey the full impactful experiences for Explore insurance slide3 customer Develop Deploy new products and features faster that ever before with minimum coding. Low_Code_Products evolving products on the fly for the Explore slide4 all channels Deliver Make big data and analytics driven decisions to grow, optimize and connect your business. Full_Stack_Insurance services data-driven solutions and Talk to Us across

Redefine digital insurance to deliver on your Customer Experience Strategy

Drive towards the dynamic future in insurance with confidence. Wield the power of transformative insurance technologies, insurance front-end applications and a strong back-end to make your business super-relevant to your customers. Deliver to your CX strategy at will across the customer journey from acquisition and onboarding to servicing and upselling.

Fuel business growth with a full suite of intelligent insurance solutions that enable remote sales and multi-access distribution across all insurance channels.
Product Configurator – Neusprout
A comprehensive product lifecycle management solution enabling faster development and go-to-market of new products tailored to customer needs.


Modernize legacy IT systems into fully integrated business intelligent solutions. Harness AI, cloud and automation tech to help P&C insurers, life carriers and reinsurers to pivot successfully to the future.

The new era of insurance digital transformation – Digital insurance sales distribution solutions for the new normal world.


A comprehensive platform that enables banks to offer seamless omni channel distribution of insurance to customers.
Angular component

Studio Angular Components

User Interface elements are the most important part of developing a software application, regardless of …

Low-coding has many significant advantages over hand-coding. With hand-coding, you’ll need to know almost everything …

emerging technology trends

As with every other industry, the insurance industry is resilient and looking for new ways …

RPA, Robotic Process Automation, Insurance Solutions

The insurance workforce’s schedule looks repetitive, mundane, and highly time-consuming. Crucial tasks, such as underwriting …

Redefine insurance distribution with the Neutrinos Digital Insurance Distribution Suite

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