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Healthcare Solutions

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Simplifying healthcare with solutions that benefits payers, providers and patients

Personalised Experiences

Healthcare app development to customise health plans and enable pay-as-you-live health insurance models for a tailored CX.

Modernize to Reimagine Core Systems

Access to real time patient and provider data for enhanced, data-driven decision making.

Healthcare Analytics

Automate and transform business processes for faster TAT, maximized efficiencies, minimal expenditures and efforts.

Healthcare Automation

Smart automation to simplify processes and enable easier, better, and faster patient engagements with RPA and iBPM in Healthcare.

Know your Patient

Simplified healthcare management with anytime access to a single window view of patient information.

Omnichannel Patient Engagement

Engage in interactions that count and deliver impactful, hyper personalised experiences across channels.

Featured Solutions
Field Care Management

Healthcare workforce management software for simplified appointment scheduling, management, and tracking of healthcare professionals.

Healthcare Claims Automation

Hyper automation powered end-to-end claims processing solutions for instant customer satisfaction.


Seamless, quick and transparent CPQ to QTC solutions.

Governance, risk and compliance

Providing quality healthcare services while adhering to HIPAA compliance regulations, and ensuring that patient health information (PHI) is secure in accordance with privacy standards.

Pandemic Solutions

Extend healthcare access to larger geographies, move beyond the conventional clinical setup, and enable quality patient care with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions.

Modernization Services

Modernize legacy systems and upgrade to intelligent business solutions and accelerate digital transformation.

Smart Claims Management

Process claims more efficiently, faster and at a lower cost with AI and robotics in Healthcare.

Success Story

STAR HEALTH, one of the largest Health Insurance leaders in India, developed a customer centric Mobile App & Portal with Neutrinos.

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