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How can the customer experience be enhanced through video KYCs?

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At the Nexmo event held in Kuala Lumpur on 24 July, 2019, Neutrinos was present to support its partners. In addition to showcasing Neutrinos Studio version 6, Manoj Pillai, our Product Head, spoke at a forum about how the company looks forward to enhancing the customer experience by offering video KYCs in future.

In particular, our booth not only introduced Neutrinos Studio version 6 and its features but also guided customers to rapidly develop their own multi-channel strategy based on their business requirements. They also obtained inspiration from discussions with customer engagement innovators and gained vital know-how by experiencing live demos.

As a discussion panel speaker, Pillai responded to a question on how Neutrinos deploys communication capabilities that will help enhance the customer experience and spur the digital transformation of businesses, which translates to lower overheads and greater profitability. Simply put, he explained how the Neutrinos low-code development platform can help businesses, with little or no coding.

To further explain how Neutrinos has been taking steps to improve the customer experience, Pillai expounded on the deployment of communication features that will introduce visual interaction, as against the usual voice and messaging features that have been part of the Neutrinos platform for a while. 

Today, with more and more customers requesting for real-time video-based communication – especially in respect to video KYCs – Neutrinos is fast making the switch. Pillai also provided examples of customers from the FSRA and F&B industries requiring this in their applications, and explained clearly how the feature can help them. 

For those who were not able to attend the Nexmo event, the focus at Neutrinos is to spearhead the digital transformation of businesses as we continue to adopt the low-code development platform for the purpose of creating enterprise-grade apps. Our success to this end has been bolstered by the recognition that Gartner recently bestowed on us for being a global partner with comprehensive high-productivity application Platform-as-a-Service (hpaPaaS) capabilities.

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