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Insurance Core

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Leverage best-in-class technology to modernize core insurance processes and provide a superior CX

RPA in insurance claims processing

Go paperless with transparent and compliant claims process automation.

AI based Risk/Underwriting

Enable customer-centric experiences across all banking channels with tailored products and services.

Advanced analytics

Data-driven decision-making to add value to customer interactions and enhance CX with AI and Big data analytics.

Conversational Insurance

Drive superior customer engagement across chat, email and voice in real-time with intelligent assistance throughout the buyer journey.

Connected Claims

Leverage IoT and real-time data for value-driven insurance models such as pay-as-you-live and pay-as-you-drive.

3rd Party integrations

Seamlessly integrate 3rd party APIs, data and services into core solutions.

Legacy Modernization at the heart of insurance digital transformation

The ever maturing and increasingly savvy customer is demanding more from insurtech trends and has set the bar high in terms of expected experience. Digital Transformation across other industries has given the customers a glimpse into the possibilities with cutting-edge tech.. Real-time updates, quicker buys, faster claims processing, higher security, and most importantly satisfaction; the advantages are endless. For this, enterprises must move beyond old-technologies and legacy systems, and strategize on what next.
Core Insurance Breakdown


A single, integrated platform that optimizes and automates the entire policy management lifecycle from quotes to underwriting and renewals.


Easy, intelligent, automated underwriting with configurable, customer-centric solutions to gain market speed.

Automated Claims

End-to-end, touchless, automated claims management solutions that streamline processes and push towards instant gratification for customers.

Digital Billing

Comprehensive digital billing management for simplified, automated and configurable billing processes. Enable quick, accurate billing and smooth payment experiences.

Elevate customer experiences with insurance product configuration

Low-coding has many significant advantages over hand-coding. With hand-coding, you’ll need to know almost everything …

emerging technology trends

As with every other industry, the insurance industry is resilient and looking for new ways …

RPA, Robotic Process Automation, Insurance Solutions

The insurance workforce’s schedule looks repetitive, mundane, and highly time-consuming. Crucial tasks, such as underwriting …

Wearables, Insurance Solutions, low-code

With a wide range of options available for companies to explore, the Internet of Things …

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