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slide5 AI-led digital data capture, classification and integration from unstructured data sources, bringing
automation, superior data accuracy and reliable decision making
Neutrinos Intelligent Document Processing
Unleash digitization of paper and unstructured data
Eliminate the tedious, error-prone and slow manual processing of paper documents, scanned images, handwriting and other unstructured data sources. Neutrinos Intelligent Document processing brings unparalleled automation, accurate intelligent data extraction, classification and AI-led human augmentation to take faster & reliable decisions
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Lower data entry errors
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Reduction in human verification need
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Lower data capture cycle time
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Process fit with Neutrinos Composability

Key Features


Rapidly compose digital journeys with data capture, classification


Document Acquisition through mobile apps, email, chats, web portals

Contextual, intelligent

Auto-classification from image only with no additional cues needed


Supports adding new document types with just a few training samples

AI x Human Augmentation

Marrying AI and humans for data verification. Make smarter, faster and accurate decision everytime

Composable, all the way down

With Neutrinos Composable Platform, you never get a monolith. Continuously mold the application features, integrations, and imbibe new capabilities from the ecosystem, by simply rewiring our composable building blocks. Future-proof your business with Neutrinos Composability.
AI-powered Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) for Insurance industry
Neutrinos IDP enables digital transformation in the insurance industry with end-to-end automation from underwriting, to policy administration and claims management. Streamline business processes with IDP to deliver exceptional customer experience, achieve operational efficiency, boost claims velocity and build long-lasting competitive advantage.

Claims Management

Smartly capture and intelligently process claims documents to extract insightful data and reduce human touch points in the overall workflow.

Fraud Detection

Detect fraudulent claims by configuring flexible business rules within the workflow.

KYC Verification

Digitize, verify and store customers’ information from their identity documents into relevant systems.

Policy Issuance

Process large volume of physical forms and documents to issue policies instantly.

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