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Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

slide1 Process documents intelligently using AI idp Intelligent Document
Processing (IDP)
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Neutrinos’ AI-powered IDP
Solution extends the capabilities of Neutrinos low-code platform to provide a digitally transformed experience.
It classifies and extracts data automatically from any type of document, enabling enterprises to drive business value faster.


Transform unstructured data locked in your business documents into structured and actionable information with AI-powered Neutrinos Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).

It is estimated that
80% of enterprise data is present in unstructured formats like emails, images and PDF documents.

Manually reading, reviewing and extracting relevant information from large volumes of data without the help of automation is highly time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Neutrinos’ Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution transforms unstructured data embedded in documents into usable information. We use a combination of cutting-edge technologies, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) and AI capabilities to automatically classify, categorize and extract data from different types of document formats.

Key Capabilities

01 Smart Capture

Smartly capture images or documents through application built using Neutrinos low-code


02 Recognition

Automatically convert images and PDF documents
into text using advanced Optical Character
Recognition (OCR) capabilities


03 Classification

Automate classification of document
categories using Machine Learning (ML) and
AI-based techniques such as Natural
Language Processing (NLP)


04 Extraction

Accurately and precisely extract data from
varied document types using Neutrinos’
Artificial Intelligence engine


05 Integration

Built-in connectors to
integrate with enterprise

Neutrinos Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Benefits of Neutrinos Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)


Faster turnaround time due to increased straight-through processing (STP)


Significantly improve the accuracy of data extraction from business documents


Accelerate document processing times by 80% with AI-powered automation


Eliminate data entry errors by automating key aspects of capturing and extracting data


Increase business velocity and avoid risks with better visibility and insights into enterprise data hidden in documents


Reduce operational expenses by dramatically cutting costs to process large volumes of data


Ensure compliance with stringent industry regulations

AI-powered Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

for Insurance industry

Neutrinos IDP enables digital transformation in the insurance industry with end-to-end automation from underwriting, to policy administration and claims management. Streamline business processes with IDP to deliver exceptional customer experience, achieve operational efficiency, boost claims velocity and build long-lasting competitive advantage.

Claims Management

Smartly capture and intelligently process claims documents to extract insightful data and reduce human touch points in the overall workflow.


KYC Verification

Digitize, verify and store customers’ information from their identity documents into relevant systems.


Fraud Detection

Detect fraudulent claims by configuring flexible business rules within the workflow.


Policy Issuance

Process large volume of physical forms and documents to issue policies instantly.

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