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Empower your business with a set low-code integrations, combining any endpoint or application on-premises and in the cloud to make way for new business models

API-led Approach to App Integration and Service Orchestration

Simplify and accelerate business process integration with data sources and third-party systems to create end‑to‑end digital workflows.


Cloud Integration & Deployment

Support and deploy a range of data integration processes between cloud, Saas applications, and on-premises systems whenever needed.


Multi-Tenancy – Shift from ESB

Employ a multi-tenant architecture to integrate new applications into existing ones, gain agility, horizontal scalability and robust data governance capabilities.


Visual Builder

Drag and drop to visualize and design how your automation is executed and how data flows through your system in real-time, and build comprehensive integrations.


Data Integration

Bring disparate data sources under a single view. Translate massive data volumes into value, unlocking business intelligence and business action.


Security & Compliance

Safeguard your data and processes with a multi-level security system and regulatory compliance standards while having complete transparency.

iPaaS solutions that connect systems and applications. Streamline processes. Optimize costs. Empower users

Define Goals

Decide on a sound integration, implementation and rollout plan to optimise business processes.

Orchestrate flow

Define how the data will flow within and between cloud services using cloud integrators; one-way, two-way or in a custom way.

Connect Data Points

Choose data channels to synchronise and standardise across cloud and non-cloud applications. Leverage pre-built integration connectors and templates.

Deliver Efficiency

Outpace your IT department’s capabilities by orchestrating application workflows and data services.

A preferred insurance service provider in South Africa recently accelerated business outcomes and regained its market position by migrating to the cloud.

Product Updates

Partnerships to advance business mobility with a lasting impact

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