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The Ambience for Microservice Application Development

Microservice application development.

In recent years, as enterprises aim to become digitally agile, system architecture plays a big role in helping enterprises create scalable, testable software that is faster to develop and deliver.

Applications like pin code locators and GPS locators are all built on a more recent and advanced Microservices Architecture. Netflix, eBay, Amazon, Twitter, PayPal, and other tech stars have all evolved into Microservices Architecture. Amazon, for instance, gets countless calls from a variety of applications in a day – applications that manage the web service API as well as the website itself. It would not have been possible for Amazon to handle this large inflow of calls if they continued with their previous two-tiered architecture.

If you are looking to unleash innovation in your Enterprise, Microservices can help create scalable, testable software that can be delivered quickly and efficiently. Wish to know how? First, let’s look into the basic types of applications. There are two predominant types of applications based on their architecture and the app development approach that is taken b Monolithic Applications and Microservices Applications.

In monolithic software, multiple tiers with many components coupled together very tightly, make development and deploying a long and complex process. Contrarily, microservices can be broken down into multiple component services, so that each of these services can be developed, deployed and scaled independently without compromising the integrity of an application.

If you are an organization looking to unleash innovation, maximize productivity, embrace agility and improve customer experience, you are already thinking microservices! The microservices architecture hastens app development, testing, and deployment, thereby accommodating today’s and tomorrows’ digital requirements. However, proceeding in this direction calls for a suitable app creation software that encompasses advanced integration capabilities.

AHPaPaas platform like Neutrinos provides app builders with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing microservice applications. Neutrinos Studio, for instance, contains a base workspace and an extensive plugin/widget system for customizing and adding new plugins to the environment. Here, developers can create projects, data structures, pages, and then wire them into congruent applications. They can also connect applications to backend systems and with other cloud services.

Modelr, a key component of Neutrinos Studio allows developers to visually model their services. With Modelr, app builders can create microservices that enable developers to connect the application to various systems.

Modelr allows for integrations with:

  • ERPs- Enterprise Resource Planning is a Business Process Management (BPM) software that allows an organization to use various integrated applications to manage the business whilst automating back-office functions related to technology, services, and human resources. Modelr can be integrated with most ERPs including SAP.
  • External systems like Salesforce, IBM Watson, BPM Engines. Modelr provides over 600 widgets.
  • ESBs(Enterprise Service Buses – for connecting with various other applications or services that communicate mutually and generate outputs), backend systems, cloud services, databases, etc.
  • Modeling services (microservices or web services) over IoT protocols like HTTP/S, MQTT/S, etc, with runtime environments supported on hardware devices like Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black.

Modelr also enables app development in the context of creating a suite of independently deployable, small, modular services that can run and communicate through a well-defined, lightweight mechanism.

In your efforts towards achieving digital transformation, do you find yourself looking for the easiest, fastest, most affordable and accessibleHPaPaaS platform? At Neutrinos, we recognize the vast potential for the democratization of app development, providing you with everything you need at every step of the way. Call us today to find out more!

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