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Multi-Experience Development Platform (MXDP) Advantage

Multi-Experience Development Platform (MXDP)

Ever since we were introduced to the world of Android and iOS in early 2007, things have never looked the same again!

In parallel, through the past decade, enterprises have been working towards changing the web experience. The idea was to have more responsive web applications with multichannel support while simultaneously improving mobile development competence.

A few years ago, mobile app development was largely a siloed practice. Today, however, there are plenty of platforms that combine web and mobile application development. With this merger becoming business as usual for organizations, we are slowly moving towards a new era of user experiences.

The birth of MXDP

Development platforms are raising the bar even higher. They are experimenting, creating, and delivering next-gen user experiences such as Augmented Reality (AR) and User Interfaces (UIs) that are conversational.

Slowly, businesses are realizing the need and importance for tailor-made user experiences that are created keeping in mind both the need as well as the mode of user interaction. This has changed the way development platforms function today.

Client requirements are broadening and going beyond creating user experiences that are just for mobile or web apps. This has paved the way for evolution and expansion in the development space, resulting in the emergence of the Multi-Experience Development Platform or MXDP.

MXDPs go a step beyond the ordinary. They develop the voice, chat, AR, and wearable experiences, along with regular mobile and web applications that support the client’s business.


Leaders in application development must adopt MXDPs if they wish to cater to myriad user experience demands. These platforms equip citizens and professional developers with an array of front-end tools and back-end services that help them accommodate all client requirements and provide a complete experience.

MXDPs can be called a developer’s superpower! They enable rapid and scalable development across devices and channels, ensuring seamless delivery of digital and ambient experiences. They are the best bet for your organization as they simplify the amount of effort behind your digital transformation process and gives you more control over digital experiences.

What’s more, you can use MXDPs to create a single app that can be deployed on a range of devices responsively. This is why the world’s leading research and advisory company, Gartner, hails MXDP as the new generation of mobile application development platforms (MADPs).

Adding value

Here’s why industry leaders are opting for MXDPs to create their digital user experiences:

  • Increased internal operational efficiency

Thanks to its interconnected system, MXDPs help in streamlining processes, enabling faster and more efficient operations in the development and delivery of experiences.

  • Simplified digital transformation

MXDPs have multi-channel and multi-device deployment capabilities, which enable faster delivery and require reduced effort in the digital transformation journey.

  • Reduced time to market

With an array of tools and services that support development, MXDPs help create and deliver experiences ten times faster!

  • Controlled deployment

MXDPs help in streamlining your continuous deployment processes and ensure quicker deployment to cloud service providers.

  • Do away with shadow IT

With everything on a single platform, one gets a bird’s-eye view of their application, reducing the need to engage in shadow IT.

Harness MXDP technology for easier and quicker development of a wide variety of user experiences.

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