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Multi – Experience Development Platforms [MXDPs], Changing the Way Businesses Operate


One of the things we are sure to see plenty of in the days to come is the Multi-experience Development Platform. A concept put forth by Gartner back in 2018, it is what every company needs to take the leap, move from traditional process towards one that is about giving the customer a memorable experience. The insurance market has reached a point where digital transformation is the only way forward. Customers today are aware of the options, well informed and quite demanding. 

It is a development platform that goes beyond just developing mobile and web applications. It includes voice, chat, AR [augmented reality], and even wearable experiences. The MXDP platforms enable enterprises to scale their apps across devices and platforms.

Multi-experience [MXDP] vs. Omni-channel

The conversations have shifted dramatically over the years. First came Multi-channels, which was all about companies being able to connect with their clients across various platforms – websites, social media channels and even a physical space. But then, it became difficult to manage data and it did not offer a good experience to the customers.

Along came Omni-channel, the next thing said to take over the business environment. While here, customers could reach out to the company through various mediums, it still did not change the way business was done. The time taken for the insurer to close out on a policy sale, the time taken to resolve issues and other factors during the journey was delayed and tedious. Customers don’t really care about the medium, for them it was about getting the task done and that did not happen seamlessly in this arena.

The newest entrant in this space is Multi-experience Development platform [MXDP]. Companies had begun thinking about how to offer their customers the best experience possible, and optimize the resources available. The solutions are custom designed for the individuals, and the touch points are all answered. MXDP involves creating fit for purpose apps that include a permutation of elements- touch, voice and gesture, various devices and apps that the user interacts with.

Technologies used in Multi-experience Development platform [MXDP]

Multi-experience platform driven digital transformation requires all customer centric strategies [Physical, contextual and experiential] be addressed for the end users to enjoy the journey. Some of the technologies used are:

Chatbots: A chatbot is a virtual assistant that helps users complete transactions or make informed decisions based on clarifications received. For example, many companies have bots in place to answer simple  repetitive questions asked by customers. It ensures the customers are attended to, and increases conversion as well.

Augmented Reality: Augmented Reality devices have revolutionized the way people experience things. In the insurance space, it provides the user an interactive experience, a real-world view with computer-generated data. Some are also using AR for marketing purposes to showcase new features and capabilities, increase awareness of possible dangers or to simply explain an insurance policy.

Virtual Reality:  Virtual Reality is tad different from AR, in that here a simulated environment is generated on the screen and the person interacts with the objects/features on it performing a set of actions. What started with games [PlayStation VR] has today taken over the business world as well.

Wearable Devices: Wearable devices have become a rage. These are the devices that one wears on their body- the smart watch, or a Bluetooth headset that allows them to interact with a mobile app to complete tasks/actions.

Digital transformation in insurance industry with MXDP: 

There are four elements of a high-performing digital insurance business


  1. Digital Portfolio of Products & Services with an Ecosystem of Partners 
    • Products are fully digital, with dynamic pricing
    • Modular product structure enables real-time customization
    • Value-added services offered beyond pure insurance, such as predictive maintenance with auto policies
  2. Advanced Analytics
    • Customized offerings identified to meet customer needs
    • Advanced analytics used across the value chain to prevent high-cost cases, identify market micro-segments, and enable interactive and customized underwriting
  3. An Omni Channel Customer Experience
    • Full spectrum of digital channels in place beyond simple website
    • Advantages of all channels leveraged in a targeted manner to increase sales and retention
    • Increased sales and retention through an optimized channel mix
  4. Automated Operations
    • Process landscape automated and integrated across the organization
    • Response time to customers quickened and waste and costs in operations reduced

Today, the business requirement has progressed to far beyond just the creation of web or mobile apps. There is a need for an increase in the value proposition offered by development platforms. Customer evolution and market demand has given rise to the development of MXDPs to leverage digital transformation and deploy a truly streamlined system for a range of experiences, including wearable, chat, voice, and augmented reality. MXDP is one of the digital technologies that is wooing insurers with the promise of delivering on all the four elements of a high performing digital insurance business [mentioned above]. MXDPs bring to the table solutions that are faster and more effective for creating and deploying both digital applications and experiences.

Gartner predictions & trends 

Gartner has included Multi-experience among the top technology trends of 2020. Based on the study carried out, MXDP will be the go to solution for customers hereon. Instead of people learning to use technology, it is now time for technology to evolve to cater to people’s needs and preferences.

Gartner has also predicted that by 2023, over 25% of all apps across web and mobile devices will work with the multi-experience development platform. This is the way forward in the digital experience journey and with businesses investing in state of the art solutions to ensure customers are given a positive experience; MXDP will be the right choice.

Leaders in application development must adopt MXDPs if they wish to cater to myriad user experience demands. These platforms equip citizens and professional developers with an array of front-end tools and back-end services that help them accommodate all client requirements and provide a complete experience. Bottom-line being, while all other development platforms focus on the technology, the Multi-channel development platform focuses on the “people”.  

At Neutrinos, we ensure there is constant interaction with customers to ensure their demands are met along with giving them a seamless path to purchase experience. The Neutrinos Suite of Insurance solutions offers seamless, end-to-end solutions for insurers, enabling cost, resource, and time optimization. Leveraging on best-in-class technology, MXDP covers all aspects of the insurance lifecycle, and is changing the face of insurance business. Curious to know more on this? Reach out to us…


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