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People in the IT industry have come to expect a huge wave of hype to precede, and accompany, every new technology development. Naturally they are skeptical of new claims. To get at the true worth of the new development, they have to filter and process the maze of information form their own opinions.

Creative Imagery Articraft: Roopesh J

I’d imagine such was the state of mind of several of the partner developers and leaders that we invited for a 2-hour workshop on digital possibilities with Neutrinos composability canvass. They probably couldn’t see what we were so excited about, and why we felt we’d be able to surprise them when they’d seen all the Low Code offerings under the sun. However, to their credit they were nice about it, and indulged us with their presence and participation.
But every so often, we have an experience that completely belies our initial expectations. We could see this in the eyes of our guests that afternoon. Instead of low level drag and drop application building with a bit of coding thrown in, they found themselves working on abstractions of complex services, fully built-up microapps and micro-experiences, and a huge set of API resources. Instead of the “toy applications” that typically feature in low code training and demo sessions, they got to work on complex enterprise application and integration scenarios. And they got to experience first-hand that when we said Neutrinos’ composability approach can accelerate time to market by 15X, this was no tall claim.
The experience of seeing sceptics becoming evangelists is truly amazing. It gives us confidence that the good word will get out there, and the composability way of digital making, tools and techniques, and building blocks will soon find their way to the top of enterprise application delivery teams’ mindspace. Once it does, this new way will shift the status quo of how things get built in the enterprise applications world. The Composability Way of digital making is an idea whose time has come, and Neutrinos is privileged to be at the forefront of this wave of change that promises to alter the landscape of digital execution.

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