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Neutrinos Distribution Suite

Distribution Suite

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and their expectations are changing rapidly and so is customer behavior. Organizations are presented with new challenges in driving businesses and are expected to be at the top of their game and be more flexible and responsive to operate in these complex environments. 

To transform the performance of the business, organizations should start by understanding how customer habits have changed. Let’s take an example of an Insurance Industry. The most common challenges that Insurance industries are facing today are:

  • How to grow their business, that is, how to acquire, manage, and convert prospects into leads to generate revenue.
  • How to manage teams and improve collaboration to work towards driving better revenue for the company

To address these challenges, Neutrinos has built a complete Distribution Suite providing a 360-degree view, and facilitating digital transformation at all levels. This distribution suite is an integrated solution and one-stop lead management solution that accelerates time-to-value and facilitates collaboration, engagement, and automation in your lead management.

Adapting Your Business to the New Reality

During this pandemic, 95% of prospects are found online. Acquiring and managing prospects until the point where they make a purchase plays a crucial role in driving business success.

Be it any lead generation channel (online campaigns, social media, word of mouth, etc.) that a prospect is coming from, using the Distribution suite, agents can learn which stage the prospect is in, and can concentrate their marketing efforts on addressing prospect queries, keeping them engaged, and eventually paving the way to make them your customers.

To do that, the distribution suite encompasses lead generation tools that can help in increasing the leads from various areas. 

A Sales Relationship Management Tool that acts as an omni-channel platform for all sales-related activities. 

This tool provides flexibility in terms of lifecycle configuration, real-time data analytics, and campaign management with certain rules. It indicates the customer journey and the follow-ups required for the renewal and upselling of policies. 

The agent starts the EFNA for the lead and assigns policies for that lead after understanding the requirements. The Agent can also schedule online meetings with the lead as and when required to address queries.

An EFNA tool provides AI-driven smart product recommendations based on inputs and provides multiple options based on a lead to choose from to meet his/her needs. 

The user’s needs, affordability, and risks are analyzed before suggesting policies and products.

This suite also encompasses an EPOS system with Built-in workflows, product configurator/rules engine, and data dictionary model. The quotation for each product will be coming from the product configurator/rules engine and data dictionary models which have workflows to validate, analyze, and assess each prospect.

A Roadshow Tool – tracks and facilitates Insurance agents and teams to conduct various online campaigns and roadshows targeting certain groups or to market relatable products. 

Any lead generated in a roadshow can be populated simultaneously and if needed, an agent can immediately start the eFNA(Financial Needs Analysis) for the lead.

A Pre-Sales Solution helps the agents to reach out to new products and marketing content introduced by the company. 

Refine Internal Collaboration

Since March 2020, Harvard Business School Working Knowledge has posted more than 80 stories and research papers on the topic of COVID-19, most targeted at how managers are struggling to enable interactions, collaborations, and access performance of employees.

The Neutrinos Distribution suite not only helps drive business but also helps manage internal teams and improve collaboration to work towards a single goal.

The distribution suite consolidates your agent and leads data into 1 intuitive centralized solution with self-service capability that can be accessed by your managers, team heads, as well as your agents via any device. so, everyone is connected exactly when and where they need to be.

Agents can easily manage their leads profiles, offerings, and leverage means such as calls or meets to communicate.

Managers and product-line heads also have personalized dashboards where they can access the performance of different leads and agents and take steps to upscale.


The Neutrinos Distribution Suite is an automated lead distribution platform with increased visibility and better outcomes. This solution gives the entire lead generation chain a single source of truth and is designed to provide a holistic 360-degree view of catalogs and interactions between agents and leads. 

Get ready to take your company from manual and reactive, to strategic and proactive. Choose the Neutrinos Distribution suite and transform your business to do more, better, and faster! 

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