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The COVID-19 pandemic altered the global business world in 2020 by forcing enterprises to move from product-centric business models to customer-centric business models. Digital Transformation was the main priority across all industries.  Organizations started to focus on customer experiences, faster speed-to-market, and personalized products & services. 

This disruption enabled the rise of Low-Code App Development Platforms. Low-code platforms empowered non-technical developers or citizen developers to build apps with minimal coding. Low-code solutions proved ideal for most organizations worldwide to accelerate digital transformation, modernize legacy systems, and deliver digital solutions to meet customer expectations.

What is involved in low-code app development? Can low-code apps create a future-proof business model for companies? What are the significant benefits? Neutrinos answers all these questions in the form of an infographic e-book, “Neutrinos Low Code.” Read this e-book to learn more.

Key Takeaways:
Neutrinos Low Code

Low Code - App Development

Neutrinos Low Code

Low Code - Key Drivers

Neutrinos Low Code

Low Code - Features & Benefits

Neutrinos Low Code

Low Code - Reality vs. Expectations

Neutrinos Low Code

Low code - The Future

Download this eBook to understand all about low-code app development and how it benefits businesses worldwide.

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