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Progressive Web Apps vs. Native Apps

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As smartphones keep developing and the majority of the population own a smartphone, users find it easy to browse the internet on their phones, anywhere and anytime. 

Native applications were created for mobile phones and have been quite beneficial. In recent years, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have been growing. PWAs combine the features of a native application with website accessibility. 

While native mobile apps have been the standard choice, the recent popularity of web apps makes everyone wonder which would be a better choice. Is it Native Mobile Apps or Progressive Web Apps?

Neutrinos will help you find the answer to this question through this well-researched whitepaper, “Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) vs. Native Apps: Who Will Win and Why?”

Key Takeaways:

Benefits of low-code platforms

Native Apps vs. Progressive Web Apps – Features & Benefits

Why out-of-the-box digital solutions do not help

Key Differences between PWAs and Native Apps


Uses of PWAs and Native Apps


User’s Perspective & Developer’s Perspective


Progressive Web Apps – Success Stories


PWA vs. Native App – Who is winning?

    Download this whitepaper to learn more about progressive web apps and how they compare with capabilities of native mobile apps.

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