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Essentials of a modern-day Enterprise Application Development Platform

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The global Enterprise Applications (EA) market revenue is growing at a CAGR of 7.8% and is expected to hit $259.51 billion by 2022. With the rising demand for Enterprise Applications, enterprises are moving towards a two-tiered application development strategy. Where, businesses use a RAD platform to speed up the delivery of new applications, and traditional development teams to strengthen (and maintain) the existing systems.
This way, the RAD team gets to focus entirely on building new applications.
While enterprises are doing all the heavy lifting to ease the software development process, it is imperative to choose the right RAD platform which ties in with your enterprise strategy and business needs.
So, how do you select an Enterprise Application development platform, which is right for your business?
RAD or Low Code platforms are gaining tremendous momentum in enterprises. Fortunately, selecting the right one is easy if you understand the essentials of a modern day RAD platform.
Here is a list of 5 critical capabilities to look for before you buy a RAD platform:
1. Requirement Gathering and Prototyping
Modern RAD Platforms empower business teams to document requirements and build porotypes on the fly. Gone are the days when businesses spent months documenting requirements, just to realize that they were not practical to implement due to technological or functional limitations of their business.
New-Age Rapid Application Development platforms encompass extremely easy to use prototype building capabilities. Thus businesses can build prototypes and gather requirements simultaneously. Whatbs more, they can see and experience what the final output would look like.
This is a step-up from traditional methods of requirements gathering and prototyping which took months to hit the ground.
Business teams can also validate their business case and demonstrate the same to stakeholders and leadership teams in matter of days.
2.Citizen Development
RAD platforms should simplify the software building process from low-code to no-code. A good RAD platform can enable your employees to become developers with extremely easy-to-use tools.
Platforms like Neutrinos feature a simple drag-and-drop modeling interface that enables even non-developers to build complex UX and prototypes with ease. With Neutrinos, you can also create extensions and widget libraries using HTML5, Javascript, and node.js
3. Cognitive intelligence and IOT
IoT is conquering the RAD space. An ideal development platform should have enough protocols to connect edge devices to your network besides supporting multiple gateway devices. Also, security is a concern when it comes to IoT. So you have to make sure that the development platform employs end-to-end encryption at every touch point.
The Neutrinos platform ensures security with its granular multi-layer security framework. HTTPS encryption for every page, LDAP authentication, 256 bit AES encryption for token authentication and role-based access control both at document and UI level. Additionally, Neutrino’s security audit enables you to track down every security threat.
Talking about cognitive intelligence, Neutrinos has its native cognitive services besides being able to integrate with Microsoft Azure ML, IBM Watson, etc.
4. Integration Readiness
In an enterprise setup, almost all new applications will have to integrate with existing enterprise systems and external systems. The RAD platform should natively integrate with most common third-party applications.
The Neutrinos platform comes bundled with connectors with most enterprise systems. Additionally, building connectors to custom applications can be done easily using Neutrinos smart libraries.
5. Change management
Change management is one of the most vital aspects to look for in a RAD platform. Business and IT teams should be able to enhance applications rapidly without breaking existing capabilities. Developers should also be able to track and rollback changes in case of a breakdown.
Wrapping it up
It is not just the demand for Enterprise Application Development is growing but also the options at your disposal.
Whichever platform you go with, make sure you try it before making the plunge. After all you donbt want a situation where the platform itself is an overkill or underwhelming for your set of business needs.
Neutrinosb platform is an excellent choice, if the above capabilities resonate with what you are aiming at.

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