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Rapid digital transformation

Connected claims solution ensures customer delight
Consumers generally shy away from reading or understanding a traumatic incident like an accident. These are moments when we are most vulnerable and yet we rarely prepare ourselves with the best possible professional support needed.
There are a few insurance providers who are committed to helping their customers for moments like these. One of the largest insurance providers in South Africa wanted to provide a delightful customer experience even during times of distress.
The said provider faced a certain seemingly unsolvable obstacle inhibiting them to reach their full potential. The following case-study is focused on how Neutrinos helped the insurance provider to overcome their problem and ensured a long-lasting relationship with their clients.

The Problem

The provider firmly believed that everyone who spends their hard-earned money should receive best care and services especially in times of distress. To achieve their goal, they had formed an effective network of channel partners with towing service providers, taxi service, ambulance and car hire companies.
But they still faced a worrying problem. They did not have on-ground visibility of how their customers were served. They also needed intimation of accident in real-time so as to proactively initiate the incident management process.
As we all know, the customer feels most vulnerable during such situations and it is at that very crucial moment where he/she seeks maximum support from the insurance provider. If the provider can address this problem, they can tremendously improve the customer experience as well as customer retention in the long run.

The Solution

Neutrinos conducted an in-depth study of the problem at hand and operational challenges. We then chalked out a solution that would also be a business fit for the insurance provider. It was decided that a connected claims system is the ideal solution to the problem where-in the insurer had end-to-end visibility of the entire incident management process.
The process was designed to support the customer from the time of incident to the point where all the connected services were completed. This greatly enhanced the customer experience during the whole process and even after it was completed. It also brought in a sense of trust and dependability for the customer towards the provider.
The Connected Claims system was developed using Neutrinos Platform. The said solution provides a seamless multichannel experience across web, mobile, conversational UI and more. The Connected Claims App leverages AI, RPA and other technologies to deliver automated, personalised interactions with customers.

The Results

The insurance provider leverages Neutrinos Rapid Application Development Platform to realise its Digital Transformation vision. The platform is used for various initiatives including connected claims, building self-service portals, BOTS for agents and internal users.
The platform is also used to re-write key legacy applications, support structured loyalty programs that connect the insurance company with customers to create new opportunities and defining complex digital insurance workflows.
The connected claims system drastically improved customer service and internal operational efficiency. This led to decreased churn rate and improved ability to up-sell and cross-sell to existing customers.

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