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Real Time Incident Visibility Boosts Customer Experience – True Story

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Reputed South African General Insurance Company saw tremendous improvement in personalized customer interaction by adopting real-time incident visibility. Established in 1998, the company provides General Insurance products and services to the South African market.
The Need For New
As a competitive player in the given landscape, the company wanted to bring about new technological advancements that would connect them with their customers in real-time. The company was in search of a technology partner that could provide a solution for end-to-end visibility into some of their auxiliary services provided by their channel partners. These included providing customers taxi, ambulance, towing facilities and car hiring options. These services were available but not made visible to the customer at the time of distress. That gave rise to the need for a new way to connect with the customer when most needed. The company wanted a solution that delivered real-time incident handling right from the point of occurrence until full-service completion.
The Neutrinos Solution: Multi-channel Application To Connect “Customers and Services”
Considering the requirement, Neutrinos came up with a breakthrough application that could be accessed by the customer to make connected claims a reality. By leveraging the Neutrinos Rapid Application Development Platform, the company has easily and quickly built a customized application that integrates a host of services they provide. The application renders a modern multi-channel experience across mobile, web, conversational UI and works flawlessly across platforms.
Some of the key benefits of this application are:

  • Real time incident/accident intimation was made possible
  • High-quality incident handling delivered to the customer at the time he needs most help
  • Access to appropriate facilities at the point of distress such as ambulance, taxi, towing, etc right from the customer’s handheld device
  • Live guidance to the nearest garage/repair facilities
  • Improved visibility into the incident and better management of the same
  • Connected claims processing that helped drastically improve internal operations and brought a positive impact to customer experience

Neutrinos closely worked with this insurance company to bring about enterprise-grade transformation through various other solutions such as Self-service portals, bots for agents and internal users – by leveraging emerging technologies such as AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
Endgame – Wholesome Customer Interaction Enhancement
A fully connected customer-incident management system combined with a deep-insight based case management solution brought in new avenues to transact with the customer. The business saw a big shift in customer perception of their services. The solution brought about a significant decrease in churn rate and improved ability to up-sell and cross-sell. Impactful real-time visibility and access to loyalty services on-the-go delivered wholesome customer interaction.

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