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Remote Insurance

slide1 pandemic Unlock opportunities Remote insurance sales solution that delivers value to insurers, agents and customers. Remote_Insurance during, and after the Download Brochure drive value that will Talk to Us

Empower your agents to overcome remote insurance challenges with the Neutrinos Digital Sales Distribution Suite

Unified Secure Communication

Remote customer interactions enabled through secure video meetings, VoIP calls, chats and ease communications with co-browsing and screen sharing.

Cognitive Insights

AI, NLP, descriptive and predictive data analytics for better, data-driven engagements.

eAuthentication and Signature

AR/VR backed remote signature and document capture capabilities.

Native Device Capabilities

Seamless, consistent, omnichannel native experiences across customer touchpoints.

Scheduling and

Event based triggers for actions, to-do-list notifications, and a calendar feature to set up, confirm and conduct all meetings.

Conversational Insurance

Enhance customer engagements with a human-centric approach with AI and IoT.


Drive superior customer engagement across chat, email and voice in real-time with intelligent assistance throughout the buyer journey.

Social Media Marketing

Enhance lead generation through RFM based lead scoring and social media marketing.

Make the shift for the better and adapt to a
new customer journey

Enable anytime, anywhere, personalised insurance sales with Neutrinos Digital Sales Distribution Suite.
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Remote Sales Breakdown
  • Create and manage campaigns and check-ins.
  • Generate, assign and track leads.


  • Market and gamify product information to capture prospects.
  • Showcase benefits, comparisons and clarify doubts.


  • Generate customized quotes based on customer needs.
  • Live application status updates and e-signature capture for closure.

Lead Management

  • One-stop, unified customer relationship management platform.
  • Real-time data capture, lead tracking and anytime access on dashboard.

Insurance Digital Transformation with intelligent remote sales distribution

Leading insurance companies are already rolling out the Neutrinos Digital Sales Distribution Suite, have you?

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