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Advancement in technology is providing solutions to multiple business challenges and bottlenecks. Processes across various …

What’s the biggest challenge that a business faces when it comes to developing applications? The …

BPM vs Low-code platforms

Business Process Management (BPM) Platform and Low-Code Platform may seem unrelated with no common ground. …

Low-code development platforms are now dominating the application development space as they can enhance customer …

Success Stories

Read about how customer’s are harnessing the power of Neutrinos to drive business outcomes

Multichannel Onboarding for a Financial Services Provider
E-payment authorization using RPA for a leading insurance provider

Lead management system to replace paper-based processes for a leading insurance provider

Everything you need to know on Neutrinos the platform
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Digital Transformation with Neutrinos MXDP

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Build and Deploy Full-Stack Enterprise Apps in Days

3 business professionals using intelligence business platform application

Success Story

Digital agility for a leading insurer with iBPM

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Neutrinos Intelligent Remote Sales Distribution Suite

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Artificial Intelligence in Finance

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Secure apps with Identity Server and OAuth

Easy to consume e-books on solutions that are relevant to the digital enterprise
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Digital Adoption in Insurance

Woman using smart-assistant in her smartphone

AI-powered conversational assistants to elevate CX

man in shirt standing with a smartphone in hand and laptop on the table

Digital Transformation In The BFSI Industry

Solution briefs for Insurance, fintech, retail and healthcare enterprises
Low-code in the Finance Industry_industry


Low-code in the Finance Industry

Modern Insurance agents in office

Digital Insurance Distribution Suite

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NeuSprout - Product Configurator

Get mile deep into topics of interest, be it tech or industry
glassmade office meeting room with 4 employees

Insurance Distribution through IoT solutions

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Cognitive & Big Data and Analytics

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Digital Transformation in Bancassurance

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