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Retail Solutions

slide1 retail consumer solution suite Refine, automate and scale by implementing new retail operating models to deliver on customer expectations and DX strategies. Business_Intelligent_Solution new age A Talk to us to cater to the
Upgrade to business intelligent solutions to drive profitable growth

Hyper personalization

Create smart, omnichannel experiences tailored to the segment of one and deliver rapid, new age digital experiences.

Inventory management

Seamless inventory management to simplify and optimize processes, and enable real-time product availability tracking for better customer service.

Operational efficiency solutions

Smart automation solutions to streamline business processes and enable smooth and easy customer experiences.

E-payment solutions

Payment solutions for hassle free and secure transactions with customers.

Customer preference analytics

Leverage data from connected devices and IoT to analyze customers preferences for better targeted marketing and to deliver on customer expectations.


Leverage chatbots and email bots to engage with customers at any time, with a human-centric approach.

Intelligent CRM

Unified customer relationship management platform with real-time data capture and lead tracking.

Onboarding solution

Digital ready-to-shop solutions with multi-channel onboarding.

Modernization services

Accelerate your digital transformation journey with legacy systems modernization solutions.

Pandemic Solutions

Create smart apps to cater to customers and enable business continuity by seamlessly switching to digital operations rapidly.

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