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Simplifying Survey Management for Insurance Companies

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Survey Management is an important entity in most organizations. It involves developing, administering and analysing survey forms to improve communication, process management, and decision support across the organization.
In the normal course, organizations use Survey Management while determining if a survey is required for a given Fire Risk commodity. This helps in assisting Marketers, Broking, Franchises, Banks / Financial Institutions or other Business Units in companies take appropriate decisions.

How Survey Management worked
  1. When a survey is required to evaluate risks, it is assigned to the concerned Business Unit (BU) or to a Risk Engineer group, based on business rules.
  2. The survey is completed outside the system.
  3. Upon completion of the survey, the BU / Risk Engineer is required to upload the necessary survey reports.
  4. The task is completed in the BPM Workspace for further processes on policy transaction to continue. This is based on the type of risk outside the BPM Workspace.

MPI Generali (MPIG), a leading Insurance Solutions company, providing general insurance products for commercial, institutional, and individual customers followed a similar process for Survey Management. However,this posed various challenges to them.
In pursuit of Digital Transformation, MPIG realigned various business processes to suit their rate of growth. As part of this, one of their business objectives was to have survey forms designed as e-forms on a BPM Workspace. This was done to help BUS drive Survey Management related requests themselves so that the BU/Risk Engineer can perform surveys for assessing risks before performing a policy transaction.
Here’s how the new business process flow looked like:

  1. BUs are required to perform a survey check lookup based on SIC code description and sum insured. This is to evaluate if a survey is required or not.
  2. In case a survey is required, BUs must key in other mandatory information for the survey to be completed.
  3. Based on the defined rules around sum insured and hazard grade, the system will determine if the BU / Risk Engineer is required to complete the survey.
  4. The created case is routed to the BU/Risk Engineer based on the above rules, for the survey to be completed.
  5. Once the survey is completed outside the system, the BU/Risk Engineer will upload survey related documents on the BPM Workspace.
  6. The Risk Engineer can complete/reject the request along with reasons, by attaching survey documents.
  7. Rejection should be communicated as Clarification Requested with mandatory reasons.
  8. Email notifications and auto case reassignments are present per the SLA matrix for escalation.
  9. Email notification is to be sent to the BUs with Completion/Rejection/Cancel reason with the appropriate remarks.

This Survey Management project worked wonders for MPIG in streamlining their processes. At Neutrinos, we are constantly striving to up the digital game of our partners. Are you in the insurance space seeking to transform the way you work? Reach out to us today!

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