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Best Low Code Development Software

Digital Transformation through Low Code Application Development

Digital Transformation is trending in the world. As the pandemic struck, many businesses realized the importance of a digital-first environment to deliver hyper-personalized customer services. New-age technologies accelerate digital transformation, […]

insurance claims

Automation transforming insurance claims

In a recent survey done by a leading research firm, they discovered that only 61% of respondents [home insurance customers] were satisfied with the level of communication during a claims […]

Life after the pandemic

Life after the pandemic – What does the future of insurance look like?

The COVID-19 outbreak changed the industry outlook from positive to negative due to the volatile and uncertain markets. While the primary focus was ensuring safety and containing the spread of […]


The future of telematics & data

Investment into telematics is quite critical and the insurance industry knows it. Over the years, the use of telematics has slowly but steadily been growing, as insurers have understood the […]


Telematics, the way ahead for better underwriting

One of the most significant changes in the insurance space across the globe is the evolving markets and customer behaviour. Studies have proven that over 25% of the insurance customers […]

analytics for insurance fraud detection

Using analytics for insurance fraud detection

The Gartner Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection has stated “by the year 2023, 20% of companies in the insurance and healthcare industries will use online fraud detection (OFD) tools, […]

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