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Why Low-Code is the Next Big Thing in Insurance

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    8th July 2021
    4.30 PM SGT | 2.00 PM IST
    60 minutes
A CXO Webinar Series

 Hosted by Neutrinos 

The insurance industry has been for decades using the tried-and-tested approach to manage the business. Today, customer preferences have changed dynamically, and insurers need to be quick and agile to meet those preferences. 

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged insurers to launch products and services quickly. However, building the products and solutions based on the customers’ requirements takes a lot of time and effort. The need for the hour is to develop applications at a faster rate to outpace the competition.

The Low-Code platform empowers insurance companies to develop mission-critical applications in a fraction of the time. Join us for an interactive session on “Why Low-Code is the Next Big Thing in Insurance” to understand how to simplify and accelerate insurance product development using low code. 

Join this webinar to learn:
    • The current state of the insurance industry
    • Why insurance companies need to modernize legacy systems
    • How can insurers digitally transform 15X faster using Neutrinos Low-Code platform

    Key Discussion Points


    The challenges faced
    by the insurance industry today


    Understand how low code is changing the face of insurance


    The Neutrinos solution to overcome the challenges successfully

    Featured Speakers
    Pieter Noppe Chief - Customer Success Officer

    With his 18 years of experience in playing pivotal roles across IT, Financial & Insurance Services, Pieter has architected the success of several key transformational technology initiatives.

    Manoj Pillai Head - Product Management

    Product Leader, Optimist, Entrepreneur, with 21+ years of Global experience, Manoj strives to bring focus, energy, and clarity to abstract problems and solve them by being the catalyst.

    Join us for an interactive session on "Why Low-Code is the Next Big Thing in Insurance" Register Now!

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