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Digital Adoption in Insurance

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Why Digital Adoption in Insurance

With COVID-19 spreading rapidly across the world, one of the immediate challenges for businesses across sectors was to enable remote working and business continuity. For insurance companies, going digital was the only feasible solution to sustainability. Digital technologies and platforms offer new avenues for customer engagement and serviceability, apart from ensuring customer retention and cross-sell/up-sell opportunities for insurers.

Through AI and Intelligent Automation, insurers will be looking to
streamline the entire insurance policy purchase journey such as:


Real-time updates, connected wearables /telematics


Risk profiles and better premium coverage calculations


with advanced analytics handling the submission and settlement processes, which also helps better fraud detection.

Customer interaction

voice and text messaging (RPA, chatbots) and personalized customer engagement.

The six steps to get you started on digital transformation:

Customer centric process
Break down the functional silos
Create measurable targets
Translate digital ambition into actionable elements
Focus on talent/taskforce
Digitally enable your infrastructure

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