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Claims submission – altering the experience

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If you were to ask someone which aspect of holding an insurance coverage is the most tedious, they would instantly answer that it is ‘claims processing’. While insurance policy purchase does take some amount of time, it is all about the research and engagement with insurers to compare quotes and services. But then, when the time comes where you are looking to utilize the policy and gain coverage, there is a long process to go through before the final payment happens. It is in fact so cumbersome that people sometimes lose interest halfway through, unless it is a sizable sum or they are in dire need and move on with whatever resources they have. 

This is where the digital platform – be it a website or a mobile app comes in handy, considering the process is streamlined and it will take not more than a few minutes for the policyholder to submit the claims. 

Delivering value and better experience for customers

At Neutrinos, we have developed the “claims e-Submission” solution. The convenience and functionality of the claims e-Submission solution is one that is completely redefining the way insurance business is carried out. An end-to-end encrypted electronic claims management solution that enables customers to file their claims online and comes with features unparalleled. This app has the most user friendly UX, and has a process flow that is clear and easy to follow. Convenience and functionality are the highlight of this solution.

With the app/website, the policyholder literally has to just follow the instructions on the screen to complete the entire process. This includes uploading the supporting documents right there on the website. The entire flow will take a few minutes only, and can be done from any device.  

Infact, the solution goes beyond just e-Submission, the policyholder can also track their claim, and get automated updates from the company on the progress of their claim.  How convenient is that?

The key features of the e-Submission of claims solution are:

  1. Reduce the time spent by the policyholder in submitting the claims 
  2. Process flow is clearly defined and simple
  3. Faster processing of claims once it is validated by the necessary authorities
  4. Complete the entire process in a shorter span of time with real time updates.
  5. Updates and notifications sent to the policyholder’s phone/email periodically, thereby establishing transparency.                        

 The Process Flow Of Claims e-Submission

  1. Customer accesses the solution
  2. Selects language – English (EN) or Vernacular (VN)
  3. Enters Policy ID or Passport details of the policyholder 
  4. Enters policyholder’s Date of Birth
  5. Chooses from available payment options
  6. For bank transfer, bank name of the policyholder is displayed
  7. Uploads the supporting documents
  8. Enters the mobile number to receive acknowledgement of submission
  9. The reference number is generated for the claim submission
  10. A confirmation is sent via WhatsApp to the mobile number provided
  11. The customer rates their experience, provides their feedback and clicks on the submit button 
  12. claims e-Submission process is complete

Highlights of Claims e-Submission

  • Easy submission of claims – The policy holder submits the claims through the website/mobile app.  The process is much simpler and easier when compared to paper based submissions.
  • Earlier detection of errors – Since the system is automated, the data captured is verified at every stage and so the chances of errors are minimal to none. Similarly, once the user chooses bank transfer as a payment option, their bank name is displayed which helps make necessary changes. 
  • Lower administrative & handling costs – Customers save time and money since the submissions are done online. The need to spend on postage, handling and worries regarding the parcel being delivered to the right office are all done away with. This in turn increases efficiency and builds confidence for the customer on the brand. Another advantage is that since everything is done online, there are updates and notifications available within seconds. 
  • Safe secure & fast – Data entered is over a secure system, and is protected as well. Only the authorities processing the claim and the policyholder will have access to it. Verification and validation is done within minutes, which speeds up the entire process.
  • No delays in payments – The entire claim submission and processing is done through the virtual world and so is the payment towards the claims. Direct bank transfer means no more cheques lost in transit or delays. It also means funds are available immediately for use. The policyholder can track the payment details and pull any information they need from the system.  
  • Instant Support – Claims e-Submission online support is available for customers who have queries to be clarified while submitting their claims. This allows ease of submission and enhances the customer experience. 

At Neutrinos. we are all set to change the way digital experiences are perceived and our solutions not only make people’s lives easier but also deliver value for the business. Companies that are looking at revolutionizing their claims submission process, offer their customers a better experience and optimize the operations cost will benefit by adopting this e-Submission of claims solution.  

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