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Secret Sauce of composable App Making

Creative Imagery Articraft: Roopesh J

It all started in the Office guest house, Ram was a newbie in the Tech Venture team, finding his comfort zone to kick-start his journey in a composable Digitalization Platform. Initially, Ram didn’t have any idea about using Neutrinos studio and creating apps through a composable approach. He was by no means an expert but keen enough to figure it out on his own, i.e., learning the studio on his own.

Ram’s very first project using the studio was an “Asset management App”. It was an admin portal for managing assets, but he didn’t have an idea of composability in his mind yet. One afternoon dramatically changed Ram’s perception and idea about composability, when he was called to the office guest house by Sat (the COO) where all the digital futurists of Neutrinos were working on an important project. Sat challenged Ram to make an omelet-making app (a recipe app). Being a vegetarian, he got it converted into Uttapam making app. This exercise, which seemed frivolous to anyone who heard about it, in fact proved to be the mantra that helped Ram finally grasp the beauty and promise of composable making.

Ram started by creating the recipe app “by hand” first, the only way he knew to make apps at the time. Following this, he was challenged to drastically reduce the making time by applying composability principles. He created a number of composable building blocks: a Card Component, timer for the recipe preparation step, upload and retrieve image functionality, screen styles, etc. This helped him in reducing the time to develop the recipe app from nearly a week, to just two hours.

The Tech Venture team has a rule:: Don’t build it again from scratch, instead do minor changes and implement the requirement”. Composability proved to be an app-making method that truly imbibed this principle. During a company town hall, Ram demonstrated how he could transform his recipe app to an insurance selling app in a matter of minutes.

Why don’t you give composability a try? You might just surprise yourself.

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